My story

From the Swedish countryside of Värmland, living in an old disused mental hospital, I craft unique stories with every one of my clippings, daily sketches and intricate collages.

Influenced by visionaries like Hilma af Klint and Carl Gustav Jung, I depict the depths of the human psyche. Diving into my subconscious and emerging with hand cut symbols from dreams, the images become reflections of my inner worlds.

-2011 I exhibited myself in a glass coffin at Värmland’s museum. A metaphor for my personal near death experience and restart in life. -2014-18 Deeply involved in the start-up of a daycare centre, for peolpe with mental disabilities, all captured in a Swedish TV series with the artist Lars Lerin, Lerins lärlingar SVT.

“I see every clipping I choose as a symbol originated from my subconsius mind. My artistic work is a constant ongoing analytical therapy.”

Born and raised in the countryside of Sundborn, Sweden, 1979.

The symbolic story behind my middle name Snövit (Snow White)

“One day I found myself in a black tangled forest. I fled blindly. Soon I woke up in the home of seven of the most wonderful people. I washed their clothes, made their beds and cooked them good meals. They gave me a treasure of laughter, acceptance and peace in the present moment. My apple allergy, pale skin and constant humming during hard work had passed without my notice for years. Suddenly I did realize who I was.”More in my book.