My story

One day I found myself in a black tangled forest. I fled blindly. Soon I woke up in the home of seven of the most wonderful people.

I washed their clothes, made their beds and cooked them good meals. They gave me a treasure of laughter, acceptance and peace in the present moment. My apple allergy, pale skin and constant humming during hard work had passed without my notice for years.

Suddenly I did realize who I was.

That is the symbolic story of me getting my middle name Snövit (Snow White). Parallel to my art work I have supported people with mental disabilities. They have kept me interested in depicting the interpersonal aspects of life.

There is always a story behind the story.

I am born and raised in the countryside of Sundborn, Sweden.

It all started with sketches of my daily memories. Then I became a water colour and acrylic panter who did large scale paintings.

As my motifs got more and more complicated and large, I started to prepare them by making mini collages, before they ended up on the canvas. These collages eventually had their own value since they got more and more detailed. In 2009 I came to the conclusion that the collages had more uniqueness in their self and I decided to do them full time.