The Process

“I see every clipping I choose as a symbol originated from my subconsius mind. My artistic work is a constant ongoing analytical therapy.”

I always search at auctions and flea markets for antique books, old botanical posters, pictures of old furniture and illustrations of odd animals. Over the years I have collected a unique library of books to choose from when I am making my art.

It always starts with one clipping that for some reason stands out that particular day and means something extra. It can be an animal with those sad eyes that reminds me of someone or that wonderful red sofa that just has to get included in a tea party. I always use my old iron scissors to hand cut all my paper clippings before mounting them on my patterned backgrounds of my own hand printed paper.

My expression is to combine patterns with antique collage elements. I find my clipings in old antique books and illustrated vintage magazines and mounts them on my own hand-printed papers. A collage can take one week or several months to make, all depending on the right images, amount of details and size.

The originals are one of a kind and unique.

History It all started with sketches of my daily memories. Then I became a water colour and acrylic panter who did large scale paintings. As my motifs got more and more complicated and large, I prepared them by making mini collages, before they ended up on the canvas. These collages eventually got their own value. My CV